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Nice to meet you!

Hi there! Happy that you made it to our little beach of thoughts on the world wide web. This might just be a small corner of the internet, but it has big ambitions! Here, we want to share our stories, lessons learnt, DIY tips & tricks, music reviews, and basically anything we want.
Enjoy the ride!

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What the fudge is this about? 

Natachips is a plant lover, yoga enthousiast & DIY beast. Timelord is a music producer &  creative. So expect anything here from garden optimisation strategies to obscure electronic music reviews. If we find it interesting, we share it!


Plants & Pets

We live in one room in which we've packed a ferret (Fuji), a king snake (Zoey) & plants. Oh and did we mention plants? 


Current project: Van Conversion

We are the proud new owners of a VW T5, Trillan the van! We are converting it into the adventure machine of our dreams, and learning everything from isolation to electricity on the way!

Our latest articles

Our latest youtube video 

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Follow @FunkyFuji on Instagram for ferret madness, van build timelapses and sweet drone shots!

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